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Service 1

Step 1 - Get Android App

Download the Android app on the Play Store. The watch app will be automatically installed.

Service 2

Step 2 - Get Desktop Client

"Wear Remote Listener" runs on your computer. It translates the gestures from your watch into keystrokes.

Windows / OSX / Linux

Desktop Client requires Java Runtime installed
Service 3

Step 3 - Connect Phone and Computer via Wifi

Make sure your phone and computer are on the same wifi network. You will also need to input the computer's IP address into the android app so it knows where to send the data.

Wear Remote transforms your Android Wear watch into a remote for your computer!

Write your own Client

Based on UDP

Wear Remote sends simple UDP packages to your computer. If you can program, it is not hard to write your own desktop client.

The Android app sends Strings with the recognized action. Just intercept these UDP packages and read the package content.

List of UDP Package Strings










More gestures will be added soon